“Al is a highly accomplished performance expert with a long track record in leading Fortune 100 companies. Having had the pleasure of working with Al on a variety of marketing and technology related projects, I can directly speak to his dedication, professionalism and capacity to innovate. A humble and skilled professional, Al inspires confidence by solving problems even in the most challenging environments.” (2018)

Daniel Araya, Ph.D., Advisor

“Al Leong, VP Marketing for CGB and BCT, and I worked together in BCT When served as BCT CEO APAC .  My working experience as well as my personal one with Al was very positive. Al showed dedication and commitment. He led the marketing activities in Asia with great success, creatively approaching a wide audience and promoting our product.  Al showed team working capabilities and great human sensitivity as well as honesty. I hope to work with Al in the future” (2018)

Jeremy Weiss, former CEO, APAC, Blockchain Terminal

“Al never stops, never gives up, never says die. He hustles until the job gets done. Highly recommend.” (2018)

Rob Green, CEO Ripple

“I would highly recommend Al to anyone who wants someone who is highly competent and a great team-player. He knows what he is doing, has an amazing attitude and will always help when needed. I can not say enough good things about working with Al!” (2018)

Dianna Raedle, CEO, Deer Isle Group
Board Member, Harvard Business School Club NY
Alumni Advisory Board Member, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

“I have been fortunate to work closely with Al in his capacity as a business developer for CG Blockchain. I do not write many recommendations for people, but am very happy to endorse Al as a key contributor in many ways. He is a people person, great salesman, understands fintech technology well enough to credibly articulate our business proposition, and is just generally a very nice caring individual who has helped our business blossom.” (2018)

Dr. Alex Bogicevic, President, Blockchain Terminal

“Al is a very smart capable advisor and expert in sales, marketing and logistics. We worked together in tradeshows and he is very personable with clients and helped with fund raising activities in the USD Millions. He is a pleasure to work with and extremely capable.” (2018)

Dean Pannell, Innovation Consultant
former CEO Hong Kong, Blockchain Terminal

“Al’s a very sharp and creative guy – extremely resourceful, entrepreneurial and able to synthesize lots of data into a workable solution. And he’s got a great sense of humour. A pleasure to work with.” (2007)

 Terry Donnelly, Executive Vice President and CIO
Mandrake Executive Search
Chief Marketing Officer, Canada, MDC Partners

“First impressions of Macworld are tolling in, and by all accounts, it was a smashing success! I am receiving many positive comments about the Apple Pavilion. You done well. Extremely well.… I am truly honored and privileged to have the opportunity to work with such a great team of people.”

 Dave Billmaier, Event Marketing Manager

“Al is a committed and genuine professional who engages with his team and the project in earnest- thank you for your dedication Al.” (2016)

Dr. Jane Shin, Member of the Legislative Assembly
British Columbia Legislative Assembly

“… driven, self-motivated and very smart…. a collegial helper to his peers and a natural leader.” (May 25, 2006)

 Dr. David Dunne Adjunct Professor of Marketing
SFU /  University of Toronto
Columnist for Marketing Magazine

“Al is on our Board of Directors and has been an absolute joy to work with, and for. He’s one of the most well-rounded and knowledgable professionals I’ve met. His creativity, problem-solving and leadership skills are outstanding. A true visionary who is one of the most strategic thinkers I’ve ever encountered. I recommend him unreservedly!” (2016)

Bruce Kirk, Executive Director
Burnaby Hospice Society

“Apart from the academic qualifications and extensive marketing experience including multi-tasking, excellent time management, speedy turn-arounds, advanced creativity, written and oral communications skills, budget management, campaign management, event planning and execution, Mr. Leong has leadership qualities which makes him a well-suited candidate for a senior marketing role.” (2016)

Hugh Chow, CEO
Istuary Innovation Group

“Al is a strong marketing and project manager.” (2015)

Patrick Vickery
Technology Architect, Telus

“Al is an incredibly driven and motivated individual.” (2013)

Robert B. Daroff, Jr., MD
HS Clinical Professor, UCSF /VA Hospital

“I just wanted to commend you and your team for such an outstanding job on the trade show booth design. It looks fantastic! Thanks also for facilitating resources to get the booth setup. Glad to be working with a great team.

Andy Leong, Director of Product Marketing
Mockingbird Networks

 “I’ve known Al personally for about 10 years and have been continuously impressed by his cutting-edge knowledge of direct marketing and e-marketing. I believe he has the training and experience to deliver at anything he endeavors to accomplish.”
(September 30, 2007)

William Daroff, VP for Public Policy & Director of Washington Office
United Jewish Communities

“I worked with Al on a couple of survey research projects. He brought a lot of creativity and business savvy to the table and helped make the projects successful for our joint client… ” (May 20, 2006)

Dr. Nico Peruzzi, Ph.D., President,
Outsource Research Consulting

“I find your research very solid and pertinent, as well your articulation well framed and messaged. I plan to work them straight into my motion debate tomorrow.” (2014)

Jane Shin, Member of the Legislative Assembly
Government of British Columbia

“Tamwood has had the good fortune of working with Al on a number of digital marketing/branding awareness projects. Al’s work is professional, insightful and he has a natural predisposition towards quantitative analysis which was particularly important on some of our e-mail marketing campaigns. Al would be an asset to your organization.” (2017)

Matt Collingwood, President
Tamwood Colleges International

“Al is a trustworthy professional with an eye for details and always acting for the benefit of his client. He goes the extra mile to obtain results, takes immense pleasure in delivering excellent service. A very enthusiastic and self-motivating person.” (2010)

Kumar Appasawmy, B.A.
Licensed Paralegal

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