Integrated Marketing Management

Integrated Marketing today requires a holistic view of a company’s marketing program to cost-effectively reach customers and stakeholders in an effective way. The marketing “mix” includes:

  • advertising and direct response
  • print, outdoor and traditional media (B2B or B2C)
  • corporate communications and public relations
  • events and tradeshows
  • product and solutions design, product roadmapping and innovation design
  • distribution (channel) marketing
  • promotions and contests
  • pricing and value definition
  • process optimization
  • people (service) management
  • social media,
  • digital and online marketing, SEO/SEM, PPC and social campaigns
  • channel, partner and affiliate marketing, alliances
  • sponsorships, product placement, industry associations
  • spokesmodels
  • political affiliations/government relations
  • key performance measurement, financial analysis
  • corporate social responsibility and governance

Integrated Marketing Process

This simplified marketing process is designed for developing a new marketing program.  Existing programs require an audit or assessment phase of existing processes and measurement to improve marketing performance (omitted from these steps).

1. Strategic Marketing Planning Phase

1aAlign company and marketing division goals, objectives
1bSWOT and TELOS analysis
1cCustomer Analysis
1dProduct and service definitions, design
1eSegment analysis and selection
1fDifferentiation strategy, analysis and design
1gMarketing Mix; 12Ps development

2. Implementation Phase

2aSecure resources, approvals, consensus
2bDesign accountability and HR plan, Hire
2cDevelop project timeline with metrics
2dExecute the program

3. Control Phase

3aCompare results with benchmarks and targets
3bCorrect negative deviations
3cExploit positive defiviations
3dReport and continuously improve

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