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What what is a brand? A brand is more than a
logo. A brand encompasses the physical products and
services associated with a company as well as how
the company is perceived in the eyes of its customers.
It is built from a company’s identity system, core
values, people, processes, systems and technology,
and its product and service offerings. So while your
brand exists objectively as a physical asset, it also
exists subjectively in terms of the perceptions clients
hold of who you are and what you represent.

Why is this important? A strong, effective brand
affects behavior towards the brand and ultimately,
business performance. Businesses and consumers
want to spend money and buy products and services
from a company brand that delivers on its promises
consistently and fulfills their wants and needs. By
putting time and effort towards branding, the result
is brand equity (value). To show how important
this is, look at Coca-Cola. Their market value is
currently $194 billion. It is estimated that its physical
assets make up only 50% of that valuation, with
the remaining 50% coming from its investment
in branding.  This shows the significant impact
branding can have on your bottom line.
Initially, we may think branding is only important
for consumer products and services (B2C), however
after careful analysis, we see that branding is also
critical to business-to-business products and
services (B2B).

Think about the representation of core
values that are important to both B2B and B2C
brands: trust, ethical behavior, friendliness, warmth,
professionalism, honesty, integrity, value-for-money,
esteem, good community citizenship, efficiency,
effectiveness, intelligence. Differences become more
present in the level, and sense of humor expressed
and other emotions (luxury, sex appeal) in consumer
vs. business brands.

In this recent example, SAP uses what may be viewed
as historically consumer-driven sensibilities and dry
humor coupled with high production values, to get its
point across in this commercial created by BBDO.
Arresting, humourous visuals and comparisons
provide the contrast effect and “shock” needed to
drive awareness and interest in the sales funnel
cycle. This has a lift effect across the sales funnel
through to sales. This ad impacts the brand
perception and personality—SAP is no longer a
boring, dry IT company. It’s saying (as a company and
brand) we have a sense of humor, can be relevant,
arresting and human.

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