It’s Time To Develop A Powerful Brand, Drive Sales and Engage Employees.
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Historically, many B2B branding and digital marketing efforts are uninspiring and underperforming. A B2B branding and marketing consultant must do more than a consumer marketer to stand out, gain attention and position themselves against competition. B2B advertisers that have excelled at this include Intel (Bunnysuit), SAP (Motorcycles work from BBDO) and IBM (Watson). Digital marketing specifically changes the way brands interact with customers, and changes the sales funnel significantly from brand awareness, interest and brand engagement, decision-making, call to action through to loyalty and post-purchase behaviour.  How?  By accelerating and driving down costs.  Response rates also go down, as trust is more difficult to achieve without brick-and-mortar evidence/substance.  Despite this, digital can achieve great efficiencies and performance in driving engagement, consideration and sales.

Digital marketing shortens consumer brand research, evaluation, and social media impacts influence aland decision-making.

Think how you can challenge the status quo in innovate marketing that delivers a powerful brand persona to drive bottom line sales. Here are some projects which I managed and contributed.

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